7 Tools for Managers to Improve Work

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Task management tools offer organizations big and small the chance to streamline project tasks, make it easier for teams to communicate, and make any team more productive. There is a glut of different tools for managers that organizations can adopt to make their team’s efforts more collaborative and efficient. The tools range from simple project management software to more advanced and wide-reaching tools that can transform the way companies do business. The following business tools have had a far-reaching impact on many businesses and could maybe do the same for your business. 


Timely is an AI-powered time management tool that lets businesses prevent lost billable hours, give accurate invoices to clients and employees, and has a handy, user-friendly interface. The time tracking software applies to many different organizations, regardless of their size or business model. 

Whether you are a global conglomerate, mid-level organization, or an independent consultant, Timely can help you manage your hours more effectively by presenting you with the data you need to bill all your hours. Users can also track the performance of certain teams or individuals to shore up inefficiencies and prevent lost time. 

Lumin PDF 

Lumin PDF is an all-in-one PDF editing tool that has many different applications. Users can easily view, read and edit all manner of PDFs within the program’s browser-based interface. They can also download the program for use offline to continue working on projects whenever and wherever they are. 

Lumin can sync with cloud-based programs like OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox so any changes made to a PDF are saved automatically. Users can also collaborate in real-time on a PDF because of the cloud syncing, which lets people add comments or annotations to a text so other collaborators can see it.


Whereby is a video-conferencing program that has a smooth onboarding feature that lets it easily integrate into a company’s communication infrastructure. The program is ideal for any sized company, whether a start-up or an international business. Whereby lets all employees and team members jump in on a call without any interference or interruptions. 

Users can also communicate with each other through an in-app chat feature so they can make notes and keep interesting ideas while viewing a presentation via the app. The app has easy cross-compatibility with various operating systems and is accessible through many different devices from laptops to smartphones. 


Trello is a unique business collaboration app since it digitizes an analog process – lists and list-making – and transforms it into a new type of organizational tool for all kinds of businesses. Trello is a list-making app that lets users organize, divide and assign project tasks to individuals or teams. 

The software creates boards that help companies organize their ongoing tasks and lets them easily shift the priority to other tasks if needed. The main draw of Trello is its easy-to-use interface that resembles a project board so users can easily add information or communicate with others using the app who are on the same project. 


1Password is an all-in-one password protection app that stores all manner of sensitive information from passwords, licenses, and other essential software. The app works as a vault to store important information that users need to access programs, databases, and other storehouses of important information. 

Users can sign up for several types of plans that run the gamut from individual plans to plans for businesses large and small. Families can even sign up for a password protection service that lets them log into their accounts from several devices without losing compatibility. The program can 

also act as a security upgrade for a business to keep proprietary software and other secrets stay guarded. 

Office 365

Maybe the most dominant and well-known software suite for companies using business analytics.  Microsoft’s offerings of apps, software, and programs have been the backbone of several organizations throughout the years. While other programs and software continue to compete with Microsoft.  Many businesses still rely on Office 365. 

The many programs within the Office 365 contingent serve. All the needs of a business from the word processing power of Word to the organizational prowess of Excel. The presentational aspect of something like PowerPoint. While those programs remain the foundation of the software suite. New programs like OneDrive and Teams make it more useful to modern enterprises.  Unfortunately, creating one is challenging without the right tools or the right Gantt chart on excel template.


ProofHub is a project management tool that has many different features and components. That help any size organization resolve its business process management model. The program comes as both a software and a downloadable app. That lets users access important documents and communication from anywhere. 

The tool also lets managers track the progress of any project and communicate their ideas.  Thoughts, or concerns directly to a specific team. There are several performance indicators that managers can attach to a project to keep members on track to meet their stated goals. The tool can even help remote team members stay connect and complete tasks on projected deadlines.