7 Bluetooth Devices You Need in Daily Life

Bluetooth mouse

Bluetooth is one of those pieces of technology that we don’t give the props it deserves. It makes life livable — simple if you will. Imagine having to fight with wires, the unceasing untangling action, then finally, with frustration and anger, end up ripping them apart. That way would happen if we didn’t have Bluetooth. You most definitely know it. Whether you are playing games on your console, listening to music, or working on your computer, Bluetooth features prominently in each of these activities.

The many benefits Bluetooth holds and gives us have made more tech companies incorporate it in their consumer devices. There is no piece of tech used more than Bluetooth.

With that said, here are seven everyday gadgets that are Bluetooth enables, which you need in your day-to-day life.

1. A Great Bluetooth Keyboard

If you are an individual who types daily, then a wireless keyboard will come in handy. Who wants to hassle with wires when you can go wireless? Wireless keyboards have been around for roughly ten years now, and they’ve become a necessity to anyone who has a PC.

There are great companies out there that offer consumers very functional and stylish Bluetooth keyboards. They are fairly cheap and come in a rather compact size. If you’re lucky, you may even land yourself a foldable wireless keyboard for portability’s sake. Some of the benefits of using a wireless keyboard include:

  • Mobility — Since you can type from your laps even when traveling.
  • Adaptability — You can use the keyboard on desktop, laptop, and tablet swap as you type. 

Wireless keyboards have two significant factors that you need to consider before buying them. These offer ease in connectivity and a long-lasting battery. During your search for the perfect Bluetooth keyboard, you should also consider one that ticks all your boxes.


2. A Bluetooth Mouse

If you have a wireless keyboard, go the extra mile and get a Bluetooth mouse as well. Wireless mice give you a sense of freedom and ease when using them. The restrictions of wires do not tie them down.

A good Bluetooth mouse should be light but practical. It should improve your level of productivity. Quality wireless mouses should have excellent tactility in their buttons and a couple of programmable ones you could toggle to use as shortcuts.

3. Fingerprint Bluetooth Padlock

Traditional padlocks use either a dial or rotary lock. The latest models, on the other hand, don’t need keys as they use fingerprint sensors. These advanced features ease in unlocking padlocks and allow only individuals with access to open them. Such padlocks connect with your phone through Bluetooth and a proximity sensor; they unlock when you are close.

Anyone who wants to upgrade their padlock and get better security should look at these fingerprint Bluetooth padlocks.

4. Bluetooth Headphones

Wires on headsets are not attractive. They are also most definitely not very functional. You’ll find some great options for Bluetooth headsets in the market today, mainly if you use headphones often. Modern Bluetooth headphones are relatively affordable, comfortable, precise, and can cancel your background noise pretty well. Getting yourself a pair of Bluetooth headphones would be a great decision.

5. A Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers connect with your phone wirelessly to play music. There are also portable ones with an in-built battery and those that need to connect to a power source. Some pretty great options are out there as far as Bluetooth speakers go.

Most of these Bluetooth speakers are designed to be used on the go, and you’ll discover that most of them have an in-built battery. They are relatively cheap, but you won’t miss one or two higher-end models with more incredible features like extended battery life and multiple device connectivity.

Some models are waterproof or splash resistant depending on their IP rating (Ingress Protection). Most Bluetooth speakers also have voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant are built-in. 

6. Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensors

It is crucial to monitor your home or office temperature. This helps improve the family’s health and reduce the cost of mold removal. Bluetooth Temperature and humidity sensors require a quick set-up, and they monitor the condition in your room or house. You can track the progress through an app on your phone. You can also set the device to detect and alert you on extreme weather, therefore taking action before your temperate conditions become a problem.

7. A Bluetooth Toothbrush

The type of toothbrush you select depends on your preferences, but Bluetooth toothbrushes sit at the top. These magnificent marvels of technology allow you to not only clean your teeth but to do it in the right, effective way.

According to the American Dental Association, both the classic and electric brushes work similarly when cleaning your teeth. However, a powered brush can help you work on lousy brushing habits and reach far edge spots. 

Smart and Bluetooth-enabled toothbrushes help make taking care of teeth more efficient and hygienic. They combine the power of wireless technology to transmit your brushing behavior to your phone via an app.

Final Thoughts

You need Bluetooth in your life; everyone does, especially now that Bluetooth 5 is available. If you have variants of the above devices that are not Bluetooth enabled, consider switching to the wireless side.