12 Arcade Games You Can Try on Your Phone


Arcade games have been top-rated at all times. The short time play, easy game design, and progression in the challenge make it incredibly exciting and addictive. It is due to the enjoyable experience that games provide that they are going on for the most prolonged period of time. Now that mobiles are commonly used to play games, arcade games are available on every phone and tablet.

Here are some of the most enthralling arcade games for you to have a good time:

  1. Asphalt 9: Legends

It has to be one of the most popular arcade racer games available on mobile phones that serve its players with enthusiasm, charisma, and thrill. Its precise controls and exceptional graphics add up to the extraordinary appeal of the game. There is a profusion of missions to complete, reel cars to unlock, and challenges to surpass. It definitely is a game that keeps you hooked for the longest of periods. Launched by Gameloft Classics, it is one of the best games to have launched over the years.


The dynamic, diverse, and musical world of vectronome keeps you fully engaged in the game. An intriguing aspect about the game is that everything moves on a beat. The game includes paths, spikes, and cubes for you to find the destination and achieve freedom. Each level presents you with tasks consisting of patterns and perfectly timing your moves in order to make an exit. If you’re looking for a game that triumphs in keeping you hitched and presents you with exciting challenges, then this is one of the best!

  1. Bullet Hell Monday

Bullet Hell Monday is the precise definition of an arcade game. With frenetic actions and their loads, this arcade game challenges your brain to the fullest. The game revolves around shooting, where you have to defeat your enemies who are also shooting at you. With lots of bullets, 50 levels, three game modes, endless mode, and an online leaderboard, this is a game that lives up to its name and gives you one hell of an experience. Science says that gaming boosts your cognitive functions, and this game proves that.

  1. Crossy Road

If you’ve loved Frogger, you’d love this game even more because it’s practically the next-gen version of that. In the game, you are supposed to move the character across roads, train tracks, rives, and other areas without getting it crashed, drowned or killed in any other way. The game features several characters and multiplayer modes to enjoy your game time to the fullest. Due to being freemium, you have to win the game to unlock characters, making it more fun and one of the best modern arcade games.

  1. 4 in Row Mania

4 in row mania is a game that manifests strategy, challenge, and critical thinking. This is a two-player connecting game where you have to join four pieces of the same color vertically together in the grid. You can play against a friend or CPU and set a tougher difficulty level to make it tricky and outsmart your opponent. Unlimited Gamez Mo consists of several games that are supposed to improve your mental abilities and generate problem-solving skills, and this game lies in the top games.

  1. Grand Mountain Adventure

Being one of the newer games on the list, it is equipped with some outstanding graphics, gratifying controls, and several other features that make it one of the best arcade games. In addition, there is a hardware controller support and rudimentary trick system that adds up to its value. You can play the first mountain free, but you have to get the premium version to unlock the entire game.

  1. Angry Birds 2

If you haven’t played angry birds yet, you’re missing out on so much in arcade games. You have to use slingshots to shoot birds and destroy structures to defeat pigs in the game. Different kinds of birds possess various strength levels, so you have to wisely use them in order to win the levels and progress.

  1. Doodle Jump

Designed with one of the most straightforward concepts, it is still one of the most engaging games. It has an alien, and you have to tap on the screen to make it jump higher on elevated platforms that are moving in nature. You have to change your positions quickly because as soon as you fall, the game’s over. It is one of the most casual and yet the most absorbing games.

  1. Pac-Man

When listing one of the best arcade games, you can’t miss out on Pac-man. Having various game modes, sleek graphics, and leadership, the game has very much lived up to its original genre. Even though it is one of the oldest games, people still download it on their phones and enjoy it to the core. 

  1. Rayark Rhythm Games

This Google Play game specializes in arcade rhythm style. It features an anime mode, robust mechanisms, pop songs, bouncy, and several free features that make it one of the best on the android platform. The game splits its available songs in half free and half paid versions. In addition, it has 180 activities that deliver massive content to prevent you from getting bored.

  1. True Skate

It is one of the best online skateboarding games available on the phone. You play the game as a skateboarder and use your fingers to move and perform tricks. You get to experience wear and tear on the skateboard, slow-motion replays, and other features that add charm to the play. You’ll have to lay to unlock most of the places to skate and use in-app purchases to unlock other fun stuff. 

  1. Fancade

Fancade holds 50 minigames in one. There are several races, micro-puzzlers, and compressed platform games to keep it exceptionally fascinating. You have to win stars to keep unlocking more games. It’s fun, simple, and keeps you motivated to play more and more. Since you might find yourself playing for an extended period, you’d better want to sit comfortably in an ergonomic chair.


Being a gamer, you just can’t stay away from playing arcade games on the phone. The games mentioned above act as a fantastic time-killer, brain booster, and mood enhancer. Play these and amuse yourself to the max.