10 Best ENFP Anime Characters

ENFP Anime Characters

A popular anime franchise is one of the most known for its excellent worldbuilding and character development. The anime series Enfp has a large cast with some amazing characters that would make great idols once in their own stories. This list will look at the 10 best Enfp Anime characters, which are a good mixture of western and Japanese culture.

Seeker (Seeker)

The second-born child and first son of Chub, Seeker wants to be an astronaut but his father doesn’t think he can do it because he’s too quiet. As Chub was constantly taunting him about how much he can do, Seeker decides to go ahead and get into space with Rina. Before long, however, they find out that it isn’t all that it seems, as there are many surprises along the way. He meets others, gets involved in new adventures, and even grows up a little bit while not always liking it that he does.


Cogon was born as an extra in a hospital but the accident messed with his body. After some trauma, Cogon becomes curious as hell when he starts seeing things by force instead of viewing them directly—that doesn’t give him an advantage in school. Luckily, Cogon grows to love school and tries not to get involved in anything that shows off his power. Unfortunately, at least a few teachers think his behavior is embarrassing, a mistake that leads to all sorts of problems.

Dalirop (Dalirop)

Dalirop is the lead fighter in her team of fighters who fights against evil forces. She’s usually found protecting the damselo family, but she feels she has no actual purpose. But, when everything gets thrown together, Dalirop’s powers finally materialize. Her fighting career has developed alongside her abilities and has now helped strengthen the young girl’s relationship with her parents—even even though her father is dying of cancer.

Arisa (Arisa)

Arisa is a wild kiwi fox that lives mostly north of New Zealand. Because of Arisa’s curiosity, she keeps looking for odd objects, including a giant stone sword that nobody has ever seen. To find that object, she must venture through dangerous caves, climb mountains, and spend months searching the surrounding area. Finally, Arisa finds it—but it hurts. Having gone through so much trouble to get to it, the big rock hurts Arisa badly and leaves scars on her forehead. After a night-long search, Arisa discovers the missing weapon and rushes toward it without hesitation.

Fennel the cat (Fennel)

Fennel has the same name as the cat that got stolen from the firepit in a village. That feline stole a cauldron in front of their house of Fennel, and Fennel decided to bring it back home to her owner who has passed away. However, when Fennel arrives home, the cauldron is missing. Due to Fennel’s eagerness to show off the treasure, the owners take a bite of this strange food. They ask Fennel to drink the water, and the cat immediately starts giving hints, but Fennel is distracted by her new friend. During this time, Fennel realizes that the owners were lying about having died.

Leeroo (Leeroo)

Leeroo is one of the main protagonists of the Netflix original series “The Witcher”. An orphan who lives in poverty, but who dreams of being among the elite class. His entire childhood is dedicated to practicing martial arts, but by age 16, Leeroos dreams of taking his master’s degree in business management and then working in international marketing. One day, three sisters from a rich lineage arrive in Wold.


Yeener is the sister of Leeroo. Leeroos accepts her as her equal. Everything works perfectly until she turns her back on her promise. Meanwhile, Yennefer begins thinking that she’ll become a wizard after her experience in battle, and everyone is convinced that the youngest member of these siblings should become the oldest. Soon enough, when Yennefer discovers that she’s still alive, she assumes an air form and attacks the sisters. In response, each sibling hits themselves with lightning and cuts their hands off to prevent them from falling. Even Yennefer fails to recognize

Spirit Albarn

Spirit has a dual personality sometimes he acts silly and sometimes childish. He acts silly when he knows what he has to do in the given situation. Due to his silly and childish nature, he faced many difficulties in his relationship. He is quite possessive of his friends and can do everything to protect his friends. But the ones who he calls best friends he is the least concerned about them.

Kaoru Kurita

Kaoru Kurita is the person who is looking for growth. He was once told by the wonder killer that he was a girl in his past. But because he has strong confidence in himself that’s why he was not broken by this news. He even won a battle against wonder killer. Kaoru has many perspectives about the life he never loses hope. He always thinks about what is possible and what would be.

Miyazono Kaori

Miyazono is an energetic ENFP anime character. She is God gifted girl and extrovert. No one can predict her nature because she is unpredictable. She loves to live an independent life she does not like to be placed in a box. She is emotional and quite sensitive towards her friends as she shows empathy toward Kousei when he was facing trauma.